Sunday, May 28, 2006

5-28-06 or Curtains

So who will be there for us when we learn?
----Or burn?
Through department store windows we grew up
wandering hallways, bullying friends
and natives
to each we had something that stayed our own
and we still haven't been able to give that out.

And now there is the war, and hopelessness
-----or at least an earnest mix of ridiculous discontent
-----that allows for hopelessness
of dead
of dying
of limbless
and of laughing
is all we have to be tired of.

Bastards all of us are, and our father left for good reason
yet we forge on, in loud discontent
clawing our way into the sympathy of the orphange,
yet after all, florida was at fault,
and i'm not from florida
OR i'm not, we and we are far rememoved
so hope is enough? No?
I am enough
-----to know that i've lost nothing
----------and got nothing but everything to give