Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dundalk, you are my hero, Dundalk, Fuck You

So i was in Dundalk most of the day today, and i must say, a shithole you certainly are, but a shithole all unto your own. There is something to say for being some sort of lost nostalgia from the 50's, with the residents still caring about things like the neighbors (to the extreme), their front lawn being the thickest, painted sidewalks, corner stores, and drugs. It is also funny to see the dichotomy between the older Dundalkians like my Grandfather (whom i was visiting) and the generation which is holding onto the ideals i just mentioned, and the newer generation of whom are mostly only concerned with the last in the list of nostalgic ideals.
Easter is always a curious holiday as well, since i come from a rather religious family who are quite passionate in their personal christianity, but are rather awkward when it comes to sharing the passion with others. I, of course, am put at ease by this, given my tendancy to 'stray from the righteous path', so they tend to feel at ease by the mere notion that my parents have attended church within the last year (which of course accounts for all my 'sins' as well, given the general proximity in which i live to those whom have been saved) In other words, i aint gotta take no shit from no one.
Oh well..someday i will probably end up in both places, Dundalk and helplessly throwing myself toward some thought of a better place and a higher being.

Till that time enjoy some music from another band that will play in Baltimore within the next month: Ahleuchatistas: 'Remember Rumsfeld at Abu Ghraib'

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