Friday, April 14, 2006

hit hold it

This makes me feel like Halloween...I feel a little halloweenish these days, as i have a bit of a built in mask going on! Oh, if only it meant free candy...i would believe in holy spirits.

On the music front i've found a few great albums lately:
+Cinemechanica - 'The Martial Arts' (Great math-rock done in the vein of Fugazi vocals/aggression meets the angularity of 90 day men or Drive Like Jehu)
+The Talking Heads - 'Remain In Light' (This was released in 1980 of course, but christ how good it is. Think Punk feel post punk..and it falls someplace between the two...brilliant, and i'm a bastard for just finding it now)
+Parts & Labor - 'Stay Afraid' (First album with vocals from these guys and it doesn't dissapoint. Very much noise but oh so poppy noise)
+HiM - 'Peoples' (Not quite yet released, for you sucka's who actually spend money on this stuff, but oh so goddamn Tortoisey good, without sucking their dick (too much) P.S. This is the post-rock/instrumental band not the shitty Goth outfit)

BS...anyway we can post some mp3's on here? That would be the neatness.


Brian said...

"peoples" is pretty fuckin' right.

definitely should be able to post some mp3's up- just drop them in the blog directory as well.

10:44 AM  

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