Thursday, April 20, 2006

life as normal as apple dumplings

So today proved to be a rather fun day. I woke up and things were looking quite gorgeous outside, so after a night of 9 hours of undisturbed sleep (and a few midnight snacks of muffins and cookies) it was a cup of coffee and out the door for a 25 mile jaunt around the usual suspects. I must say, i'm more of a cold weather rider when it comes to actually enjoying the ride itself, but there is something rather different about enjoying your surroundings when the weather starts to turn for the better.
After the ride it was off to work i went, where it was pleasantly busy with customers and repairs alike. I actually really enjoy working on bikes, contrary to the natural notion that given the mix of my stellar personality, drop-dead gorgeous good looks, and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone, i would rather be locked up in the back left to my own devices....but these things happen in nature :) So that made my day that much better, to knock out quite a few repairs, help the occasional customer, and fuck around the rest of the time with the other monkeys in the back.
Now at home i'm finally fixing the fixie after a broken seatpost collar. Which, of course, makes me happy on top of being happy already.
Oh, and in other news, while being confined to my house last week (see previous post of carnage to face) I managed to pick up a rather severe addiction to porn. Which is not all that horrible, considering as one friend pointed out, it's free, and i also managed to kick alcohol AND cigarettes for a whole week, while being down and out. Life is full of compromise i suppose.

Here a a little diddy of what i'm ACTUALLY talking about being addicted too, SpankRock:
XXX Speed It Up Pussy


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